About Nabeel Khan

After having completed my memorization of the Qur'an in 2011, I embarked on a journey to uncover the guidance found in this Book. My Arabic+Qur'anic education consisted of:

  • IQRA Hifdh Program (Under Mufti Muddassir Oovais, USA)
  • Bayyinah Institute (Under Sh. AbdulNasir Jangda, USA)
  • Shariah Program (Under Mufti Yusuf Mullan, Canada)
  • Urooq (Under Mufti Liaquat Zaman, UK)
  • Cambridge Islamic College (Under Sh. Akram Nadwi, UK)

However, after all my time in learning deep Islamic Sciences, all of my most important questions about life were answered by the Qur'an. The biggest challenge then became to start teaching the Qur'an in a non-bias and productive way.